Professional Vancouver Luxury Real Estate Broker for a Successful Property Transaction

Do you own property within Vancouver or its environs? Are you looking for someone to help you sell your property on your behalf? Whether you are buying or selling property, hire a Vancouver luxury real estate broker for a successful buying or selling experience. A professional broker has all the relevant experience is ensuring that you expose your property to the right buyers. If you are a buyer, a reliable broker will help you identify the right property that suits your tastes and preferences.

The real estate business in Vancouver is growing at a fast rate. Numerous luxury houses are coming up to meet the rising demand for luxurious homes. The large number of luxurious homes makes it very difficult for individuals to market their homes to potential buyers, on their own. On the other hand, those seeking to buy property also have trouble in finding a luxury property that suits their needs.

Luxury Real Estate Broker

By hiring a professional real estate broker, you will receive all the information you need in relation to luxurious properties. Sellers will receive attractive offers from prospective buyers within no time while buyers will get exclusive information on available properties that meet their needs. Employing a professional broker protects you from getting a raw deal.

A luxury real estate broker has the ability to promote your home to mass buyers within a very short time. Additionally, the broker will also strive to get the best offer within the shortest time possible. They have an understanding of the global market and are able to market your property to the appropriate international markets. Employ a professional real estate broker and receive international buyers, right on your doorstep.

Real estate brokers always work with a team of other professionals including architects, home stagers photographers, home designers, floor planners, and marketers. Presentation is vital when promoting a luxury property thus, the professionals work together to establish an exquisite presentation of your property to potential buyers. To achieve an exquisite presentation, the team uses state of the art photography. The photography covers all angles of your property, giving potential buyers an exotic view of what they need to buy.

Always carry out a comprehensive research on the background of broker before making any contractual agreement. You can achieve this by consulting previous clients or reading customer reviews. Expect a successful property buying or selling experience when you hire a reliable Vancouver luxury real estate broker.


Rules to buy investment properties in Vancouver

There’s a lot to love about residing in Vancouver-the lively and vibrant culture, the excellent schools, and the clean surroundings. No wonder Vancouver is voted as one of the best cities in the world to live in.

And if you are planning to invest in real estate in Vancouver, you should know that real-estate market here is very different as compared to any other Canadian city. Being a world-class city Vancouver’s home prices are unsurprisingly high. Here are few tips which you must remember if you are thinking to invest in Vancouver:

  1. Know the reason of buying– Having a long term approach is necessary if you are planning to invest in real-estate in Vancouver as it will determine what kind of house to buy to achieve your desired outcome.  Will you buy, refurbish, and sell or you will hold it for the long term?  Are you buying for cash flow or capital growth? These are just a few questions which you must discuss with your dealer.
  2. Have a proper deposit– As per the rule of the new Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) 20 percent deposit is now compulsory if any other real estate is already owned.  Having 20% or more deposit prevents you from paying the CMHC insurance and provides a shield if interest rates rise.
  3. Keep your finances ready – Get pre-approved right away so that you do not have to waste your precious time searching for a house you may not be able to afford. Search around for the best prices and terms, and also make sure there are no hidden charges such as huge penalty clauses if you pay the loan early.
  4. Location of the property– Not all properties give same return, neither all locations! If you are investing in any property, you must consider few things- will there be any significant infrastructure developments in coming future? You can talk to local municipal councils to find out these queries.
  5. Who will be your renters?-   Vancouver’s property vacancy rate has been very low in past few years so renters can’t be as demanding as they may want to be.  Still, you should check who are going to be your tenants.
  6. Don’t buy the property without seeing it- Digital camera and wide angle lens can make places look great! Therefore, instead f trusting those pictures, you should always inspect the property by yourself.
  7. Negotiate properly- As you are looking for a property as an investment, so leave your emotions at the rear when negotiating.