Vancouver – A Heaven On The Earth

No matter you are a frequent traveler or a first time visitor to Vancouver, you would have probably figured out that you can’t resist yourself in getting trapped under the obsession of two things i.e. rain and real estate. Both these subjects tend to drive anyone just crazy of them since you can’t really control either one – if it rains, real estate will rise.

 The Dirty Truth About Vancouver Real Estate:

You might be knowing that, recently there has been a frenzy of lament, conjecture and flat-out doomsday panic over the worth and value of real estate property in Vancouver. Most of these speculations spurred due to the recently released Property Assessment Notices, which verify that more than 90% of “single-family homes” in Vancouver are value more than $1 million. This is the reason that the ever growing market of real estate in Vancouver just became the matter of ridicule again. The condition worsens more when a rotting, dilapidated and 86 years old Point Grey home was listed at $2.4 million. This post soon went viral online, but almost all outrage utterly missed the point of price. This current and clear outrage declared that the price of real estate market in Vancouver is out of control and there is no more hope than to kill this beautiful city.

A True Fact About Vancouver:

But before you come on a decision let me point out one thing: that same outrage, that same complaint have also been crested over three different centuries in this majestic city but nothing may stagger its worth since Vancouver is not a new name in the real estate market; it was incorporated back in 1886.

Be Aware Of Swindlers!  Make A Right Move:

Yes, there are some ill witted minds that are maligning the name of this beautiful land of Canada as well as defaming the worth of its real estate property too. So, if you are interested to invest in Vancouver property, don’t get afraid from any outrage or viral posts; just step gingerly and make a right move to a professional property agent or a trusted rental company in order to get a good and genuine deal on your preferred property.

My Recommendation:

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